Coronavirus : in Poland, the majority undermined by the retention of the presidential

Une peinture murale rend hommage aux médecins et aide soignants luttant contre l’épidémie du COVID-19, à Varsovie, en Pologne, le 2 avril 2020.
A mural pays tribute to the doctors and paramedics fighting against the epidemic of the COVID-19, in Warsaw, Poland, April 2, 2020. WOJTEK RADWANSKI / AFP

The will of Jaroslaw Kaczynski to carry out at all costs to the presidential elections of may 10, in spite of the epidemic of Covid-19, it could cost him his majority ? The obstinacy of the strong man of the country to want to re-elect its candidate, Andrzej Duda, the big favourite, despite significant health risks, is perceived by many as the ultimate evidence of the authoritarian and diehard party ultraconservateur PiS (Law and justice) to power after four years with ostentatious to the principles of the rule of law, denounced by the opposition and european institutions. But, in the midst of a crisis health, important ruptures appear within the coalition of the right knit, composed of the PiS and its two political parties affiliated to it, which could well complicate the plans of the majority leader.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the direction of the PiS decided to file an amendment to the draft law amending the electoral code, which would extend the postal vote to all voters. An election without voting, and without the ballot box, only by post, which would, however, basic constitutional problems, organizational and public health. Even if the pandemic is for the time being relatively contained (2946 contaminated, 57 dead), the peak of the epidemic is expected around the beginning of may. The Sejm is to vote on the text on Friday.

But, since Monday, the debate on the vote by correspondence has generated the most significant tensions between Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the vice-prime minister, Jaroslaw Gowin, the leader of the microparti Porozumienie agreement (” Agreement “), fringe moderate majority. Strong of its ten-eight deputies, Mr. Gowin has, in theory, the ability to reject the text. ” Elections can only take place in conditions which do not endanger the life of the Poles “, he said on Tuesday, sparking the rage of the majority leader.


Jaroslaw Kaczynski went as far as to pose an ultimatum to Mr. Gowin : if its members were to vote against the text, the ministers of his party would be excluded from the government. Such a scenario would lead to a break-up of the majority and a minority government. On Thursday, relatives of Jaroslaw Gowin stated that the latter rejected the ultimatum posed by Mr. Kaczynski. But the uncertainty about the outcome of the vote of Friday persists : according to other sources, a part of the troops of Mr Gowin supports the holding of the vote on may 10.

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