Covid-19 : Boris Johnson is in the intensive care unit

Monday at 14: 20, a tweet from Boris Johnson had been published. There, he said have a “good moral” and be in “close relationship with his government team,” while he was undergoing “routine” at the hospital. And then, around 20: 30, the climbing and the beginning of panic. A press release from Downing Street indicated that british Prime minister had been transferred to 19 hours in an intensive care unit of the St. Thomas Hospital. It is here, in this huge hospital unit, located on the banks of the river Thames just in front of the Westminster Parliament, that he had been admitted the previous evening, “as a precaution”. His doctors had recommended a series of tests so that, ten days after he was tested positive to the virus of the Covid-19, Boris Johnson was still suffering “persistent symptoms, including fever and a cough”.

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The exact state of the Prime minister was not clear on Monday evening. According to Downing Street, he would be aware and would not have been placed under a respirator. His transfer to an intensive care unit would have been dictated by “a deterioration of his condition” in the afternoon, and “as a precaution in case he would need to be assisted by a respirator”.

No previous illnesses

“The Prime minister asked the minister of foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, replace” at the head of the government, stated the press release from Downing Street. Barely an hour before his transfer to an intensive care unit, Raab had been unable to give details about the state of Boris Johnson during the daily press conference of the government on the crisis of the sars coronavirus. It had revealed him to have spoken for the last time on Saturday, which had seemed curious to the extent that, all day, Downing Street had insisted on the fact that the Prime minister remained fully “in charge of the government” and communicated with his team from his hospital bed.

A priori, Boris Johnson, 55 years old, not suffering from previous illnesses and is rather in good health. Is happy to play tennis and his only concern apparent, which he has already spoken, is a tendency to overweight. His companion, Carrie Symonds, 32, is pregnant at least six months. It was revealed Saturday in a tweet that remained bedridden for a week with symptoms of the Covid-19, even if it has not been tested. She had explained to be in good shape and was not confined with Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

“I know his strength”

The reactions are multiplied after the announcement of the placement of Boris Johnson in intensive care. Keir Starmer, the new leader of the Labour elected on Saturday, has reacted immediately to this “terribly sad news”. “The thoughts of everyone in the country go to the Prime minister and his family during this period of time incredibly difficult”, he tweeted. The French minister of foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, said he was convinced that Boris Johnson was going to “overcome the test”. “I know his strength, I am convinced that it will tap into its resources, which are great, the ability to overcome this ordeal, he said on BFM-TV. It is also the symbol of the gravity of the crisis, which affects everyone.”

On Twitter, Emmanuel Macron has also conveyed “all his support to Boris Johnson, his family and the british people at this difficult time. I wish him to recover quickly”. Boris Johnson entered office in Downing Street on 24 July 2019, there are exactly eight months and twelve days.

Sonia Delesalle-Stolper Corresponding to London

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