Football – Etranger – Private stadium, the German fans should also stay home

The German Championship of football starts again on Saturday to the delight of enthusiasts, but behind closed doors. And the fans are instructed not to regroup in order to avoid new sources of contamination to the coronavirus. This weekend, the Interior minister of the regional state of Saxony, Roland Wöller, has clearly threatened : “The supporters must not use the matches behind closed doors as an excuse to regroup in front of the stadiums or elsewhere. (…) This could lead to interruptions of the game.” On Saturday, two meetings are scheduled in Saxony: Leipzig-Freiburg in D1 and Erzgebirge Aue against Sandhausen in D2. For the time being, no appeal has been launched in Germany to such gatherings, but everyone remembers that a few hundreds of fans had converged in front of the stadium of Mönchengladbach in march, during the single match behind closed doors played in the Bundesliga against Cologne.

At the time, containment was not, however, officially came into force. That fans make to slip the fragile attempt of recovery would obviously be a nightmare for the Bundesliga. “I do not believe that supporters and their organizations are going to make fun of those who criticize it – using bias-out – of behaving well”, hope to have the boss of the German football League (DFL) Christian Seifert, who has spared no effort to obtain permission to raise the championship. As for the gatherings in bars or apartments, the boss of the DFL appeals to the conscience of each, and concludes : “The responsibility of the DFL also stops at a certain point.”

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