Concern Greek after a military occupation of Turkish

The epidemic of Covid-19 bat just retired as the tensions between Greece and Turkey returning to the border demarcated by the river Evros. It is a small piece of land belonging to Greece which is the object of the bisbilles since Thursday. Initially, the Turkish military are on patrol. For 48 hours, thirty of them have settled there and have even planted their flag on this piece of Greece. Without explaining the reasons of their action. The Greeks fear that the Turks want to steal a piece of territory.

To understand this fear, we must go back to the signing of the treaty of Lausanne in 1923. It delineates the borders between Greece and Turkey. The middle of the river Evros between the two countries. Except that in the course of history and the work of the hand of the man, the bed of the river has changed. There is, therefore, on the eastern part of the river a few enclaves in greece. This is one of that which is complained of.

This same river is a crossing point for migrants who, since the agreement signed between Brussels and Ankara in 2016, are being held in Turkey, while many of them wish to enter the European Union. Since the New Democracy and its leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis (right) won the majority in Greece, in July 2019, the migration policy tends to harden.

Wall and crossing point

Migrants have become objects of bargaining between the two countries. Ankara is lobbying the EU, through Greece, by opening the valves. Athens reinforces its borders and reject the migrant. Greece wants to build a wall at the crossing point… on which are now installed and Turkish troops.

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Although Greece and Turkey are both members of the military organization of Nato, these two countries will compete more and more and have reinforced the control of their borders.

In a first step, the minister of foreign Affairs Greek, Nikos Dendias, said that it was only a small piece of land, “a few tens of meters”, and then he asked for explanations to the Turkish ambassador in Greece.

“Not a quarrel”

For its part, the Turkish ambassador to Athens indicates to Release be “in close contact with the Greek colleagues since we were aware of the problem. Since the beginning, we agree to say that it is not a quarrel of the border. Rather, it is a technical problem that is absolutely normal for neighbours which share a land border. This is not a topic, and it should not become one”.

However, the climate is conducive to the concern. On the one hand, this event happens a few days after the German magazine Der Spiegel revealed that a Turkish military has fired on a German policeman who was on patrol in Greece, in the framework of an operation of Frontex, the border police european.

On the other hand, Greek side, at the time of the outbreak of the Covid seems to ebb, there is some concern that this positioning of Turkish troops announces a resumption of the migration flows… the North of Greece, thepopulation is wind standing against the arrival of migrants. In February and march, migratory movements had led to discord deep between Athens and Ankara.

Fabien Perrier Corresponding to Athens

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