Elections in South Korea : Moon Jae-in praised for its handling of the epidemic

The centre-left party to power in South Korea, has signed a resounding victory in legislative elections, according to results published on Thursday, president Moon Jae-in previously disputed to have reversed the trend through its management of the epidemic of Covid-19.

His democratic Party wins the absolute majority the most general to the national Assembly since the advent of democracy in 1987, at the end of a ballot marked, despite the threat of the novel coronavirus, by the participation (66,2%) the strongest in parliamentary elections for 28 years.


It is a singular reversal for the head of State elected in 2017 in the wake of the scandal that had precipitated the impeachment and incarceration of Park Geun-hye. A few months ago, he was mauled by cases of abuse of power and economic growth, while wiping away criticism for the fiasco of its opening diplomatic towards Pyongyang. A Situation swept by the healthcare situation and the very positive assessment of its management of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

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The legislation became a referendum on the president’s answer Moon to the epidemic, which is cited as an example in the world, at a time when South Korea is exporting tests to a score of countries.

South Korea was the end of February the second most important focus of contamination in the world after China. But it has managed to reverse the trend through a strategy of mass screening, and investigation on the persons who have entered in contact with patients. The health threat remains, as exemplified in the instructions drastic imposed on voters required to wear the mask and vote with gloves.

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