For Pénicaud, “there is no reason that the State continues to pay full wages”

On the live Déconfinement

For Pénicaud, “there is no reason that the State continues to pay the full wage”

Part-time unemployment.

The return to the normal approach in the business. The minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, confirmed Monday that the system of support for part-time unemployment would be gradually reduced. “Today, there are 12.2 million employees who are covered by the partial unemployment”, or “six jobs in ten of the private sector”, said Muriel Pénicaud on LCI, ensuring that the device had prevented a wave of massive layoffs. But “today, the conditions of recovery are there. So there’s not so much of reason that this is the State that continues to pay in full the wages of 12 million workers in France”, continued the minister on LCI.

“This is what we are going to define I think in the week what is the percentage of salary that will pay for the business,” she said, indicating that this amount was “not yet decided”. “This will be modest at first, but the progressive”, she nevertheless promised. The employees of the private set to the partial unemployment for their business now have a guaranteed 84% of the net salary (100% at the level of the minimum wage (Smic), the State and the unemployment insurance pay in full to the employer within the limit of 4.5 times the Minimum wage. Due to the déconfinement, however, the government has stipulated that the companies contribute in “reasonable proportions” for the wages of the employees maintained at the part-time unemployment after the 1st of June. The purpose of this ? Encourage the resumption of activity. The part-time unemployment will still be supported “full-rate” in some sectors such as hotels and restaurants, which are not allowed to resume their activities.

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